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A New Dawn in Veteran Mental Health: The NDAA and Psychedelic Therapies

Published On:
February 5, 2024

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Active-duty military and veterans finding help with Psychedelic Medicines for PTSD, Depression, anxiety, addictions and other mental traumas

By Clinton Diong, U.S. Marine Corps Combat Veteran, 100% Disabled

Combat to Healing: A Veteran’s Journey to Mental Wellness

As Clinton Diong, a United States Marine Corps combat veteran, my journey through the dark trenches of mental health struggles mirrors that of many active-duty military personnel and veterans. For years, I was embroiled in an unending mental war, a battle I never seemed to win. That is, until I discovered the transformative power of sacred medicines, also known as psychedelics, which helped me change my life. In this article, featured on both and, I share not only the significant developments in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) but also my personal odyssey, a testament to the potential of psychedelic therapies.

Revolutionizing PTSD Care: The Impact of the NDAA

The NDAA marks a pivotal shift in the treatment of PTSD among service members with its groundbreaking inclusion of the Douglas Mike Day Psychedelic Therapy to Save Lives Act. Spearheaded by Representative Dan Crenshaw, this legislation, named in honor of Navy SEAL Douglas “Mike” Day who tragically lost his battle with PTSD, signifies a major step in addressing mental health crises within the military community.

A Crisis Unveiled: Addressing Veteran Suicide Epidemic

The urgency of addressing this crisis is underscored by the staggering statistics: an average of 17.6 veterans lost daily, amounting to roughly 6,424 yearly in the U.S. These figures, heart-wrenching as they are, underline the dire need for effective treatment modalities beyond traditional approaches

From Darkness to Hope: My Fight Against Addiction and Despair

My own story is reflective of the struggles faced by many veterans. Post-service, I was plagued with severe mental health issues. The profound adverse effects of pharmaceutical medications led me down a path of multiple suicide attempts, frequent incarcerations, and a battle with various drug addictions. The most devastating consequence of this turmoil was losing my family – my wife and children were unable to endure the challenges posed by my mental illness.

Turning Point: How Psychedelics Redefined My Healing

However, my life underwent a significant transformation when I found solace and healing in psychedelic therapies. Misunderstood and often sidelined in medical research, these substances opened avenues for profound healing. When used properly they enabled deep psychological insights and emotional healing, allowing me to confront and resolve the traumas that had long tormented me.

A New Era in Veteran Care: The Promise of Psychedelic Research

The NDAA’s exploration of psychedelic therapies shines as a beacon of hope for many veterans. It represents an acknowledgment of the limitations of conventional treatments and the need for embracing innovative, potentially life-altering approaches. Garnering bipartisan support, this act symbolizes a collective commitment to redefining mental health care for our military personnel.

Beyond the Battlefield: Shaping a New Future for Veteran Mental Health

As we observe this legislative evolution, it’s crucial to contemplate its broader implications. What do you think, Could the adoption of psychedelic therapies be the turning point in addressing the mental health crisis in our military community? Is it possible that we might witness a significant decrease in the alarming rates of veteran suicides and substance abuse? Can treatments with sacred medicines/ psychedelics help end the tragedies caused by mental illnesses? I truly believe yes to all these questions for that’s exactly what it did for me!

Your Role in the Journey: Engaging in the Veteran Mental Health Dialogue

I invite you to ponder these questions and join in this essential dialogue. Your insights and support are critical as we embark on this new path of healing and recovery. Together, let’s explore how these developments could reshape the future of mental health care for our service members, opening new doors to hope and healing.

Helping bring the mental health tragedies down to zero.

Drawing from my personal journey, I’ve dedicated myself to supporting active-duty military, veterans, first responders, and their families in finding effective treatments. This led me to establish “MorningStar Myco,” a premium mycology company focused on home cultivation of high-quality sacred medicines. Furthering this mission, I’m developing “The Fruit of Knowledge,” a comprehensive resource for information on Entheogens, psychedelics, harm reduction, and related treatment options. This initiative aims to not just aid healing in the armed forces community but also potentially save lives, bridging the gap between essential knowledge and accessible care.